For Sale / Items Wanted

This is the Wells Sailing Club’s For Sale / Item’s Wanted page allowing members and visitors to contact each other and exchange water sports and related equipment.

For Sale / Items Wanted posts may only be initiated by Wells Sailing Club members.

Information about an item For Sale or Wanted should be emailed to the following address :-

Please include the following information with each post : –


Include a clear description of the item for sale, its age and current condition, some photos of the item and the sale price you hope to achieve. Would also be useful to include the item’s location and advise how the potential buyer would take delivery of the item.


Include a clear description of the item you seek, the condition you hope it to be in and the price range you are seeking to spend.


In both categories include an email and / or phone number and please advise the website administrator if you are happy for those contact details to be published as part of the post.

If you don’t want any personal contact details listed on the post then send your email address (not Yahoo/AOL or Hotmail) and we will create a temporary email address in the post which will forward any replies received to your personal email address. Any messages sent to this temporary email address will also be visible to the website administrator.


For Sale and Items Wanted posts will reside on the website for up to one year after which they will expire and be removed from the page.